Even experienced and seasoned bettors are wondering when they should start hedging. Well, if there’s something about sports betting that anyone should know about, then that is the fact that it never stops. With this being said, when is the right time to hedge on a bet?


A futures bet is actually the best time to limit risk and hedge a bet. Simply put, hedge bet will be a lot more logical as original futures gets closer and closer to winning.

To give you an example, one bettor made a bet of 100 dollars on Los Angeles Rams to win Super Bowl long before the season begins.

This kind of bet is undoubtedly risky but will yield a big payday. Fact is, back in 2018, a 100 dollar preseason bet on Rams to win Super Bowl nets at around $1,500 profit.

If the Rams did not make the playoffs or even lose in the early postseason, then sorry for the bettor. However, if they made it either to the Super Bowl or to NFC Conference Championship, then that is a good time to consider hedging a bet.

Hedge Time

With almost $1500 on the line, it gives the bettor enough room to wiggle. The bettor could take some money from their potential profit and place it to the opposing team, knowing that either of the team is going to win.