Plans Planning Addendum

If you don’t want to be left behind in sports betting, then it is important that you familiarize yourself with the common jargons used in the community. Through it, you know if someone is tricking you, if you’re losing, how to react and everything in between.

For those who are serious in this sort of activity, then the following terms are something that should not be taken for granted:

Point Spread

This is basically the number of points to which the team is either an underdog or favored by. If you’re the favorite for example, then you have to win more than the allotted point spread to be able to cover it.

As for the underdogs, they have to lose the game less than the point spread allotted to cover.


This one takes place more than what you think, especially when betting on NFL. It’s when the team is a favorite by exactly 3 points and ended up winning by the same figure. In such case, there’s no side wins and the punter will get refund onto their original bet.


Sharp is any experienced sports bettor. These folks are basically making sports betting as a living and have good access to vast information via advanced technology in which general public doesn’t have.