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As years pass by, more and more states are beginning to legalize sports betting. Sooner or later, the jargons and terminologies used will just become a household lingo. At the moment though, sports betting is considered to be an intimidating industry to numerous people. Avid fans of any major sports leagues might be curious to bet on a match but doesn’t have the confidence that their knowledge is enough.

So in this article, let us cover valuable information that can bring you a step closer to start betting.

Favorites and Underdogs

The moment that the lines are released, bettors must be identify which team is the underdog and favorite.

The latter will be listed with a minus (-) sign next to its odds while underdogs have plus (+) sign.


This type of bet is the bookie’s approach of leveling the betting field. This way, underdogs and favorites have the equal chance to attract bettors. In most sporting events, one team is more likely to beat the other team or opponent. With a spread on the other hand, underdogs are given with certain number of points to which it could overcome the point differential and be able to beat the favorite “theoretically”.