Is there a relevance or connection between sports and science? Perhaps, is there any piece of information that science can share which journalists may use to broadcast their stories or to understand the subject?

It’s Human Instincts

One thing is for sure, sports fans are also people like everyone else. They’re subject to frailties and quirks of the human nature.

Speaking of quirks, among these would be the barrier or the gap between the outside world and someone’s personality is less defined than what it seems to be.

Studies of people who are in close relationship showed that our brain is frequently confused on whether characteristics or achievements belong to the body that it inhabits or to other people it’s in relationship with.

Sports is for Everyone

There’s a reason why we have belief that watching sports triggers this connection; we are able to connect to our favorite teams, to players on that team, fans and everyone else. Fans are able to identify pride and self-esteem on the line in every game. And this is what made various sporting events to really connect to millions of people worldwide. It is creating a dimension where fans feel belong and welcomed.