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In every activity whether it is business, sports and whatnot, there will always be fair amount of jargons and slangs that you’d come across with. Sports betting is not an exemption to this.

What to Learn?

As a matter of fact, there are plenty of jargons and terminologies that a bettor shall know to quickly catch up on what’s happening around him/her.

Let’s kick this off with some few terms:


This is when you made bets to any type of specific game.

Against the Spread

Assuming that a team is 2-3 ATS; this means that they have 2-3 record against point spread. They’ve already covered in 2 games and didn’t cover in 3 games.

Backdoor cover

Base on experience, losing your bet via backdoor cover is simply among the worst ways of losing a bet. This is additionally one of the stressful and intricate ways to win one. Basically, this is when a team scores a point at the end of the game that allows them to cover for the spread by accident.


This is short term for a bookmaker or a sportsbook.


This is any person who is illegally accepting bets and charging more vigs than normal.