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Believe it or not, being able to calculate the expected value to sports bet is not rocket science. All it takes is multiplying the odds of winning with the figure that can be won in a bet, deduct the odds of losing with the amount that may be lost in each bet and that’s it.

Simplified Computation

To make it look simpler, check out this formula:

(Amount won per bet x odds of winning) – (amount lost per bet x odds of losing)

The best thing about using this formula is, the internet can do the legwork on your behalf. Go to a reputable sportsbooks ite and look out for decimal numbers on the possible amount to be won per bet. enter the figures, then use the calculator to get the equation and voila, you have your EV.

Searching for Value Bets

You have to know that none of this would make sense if you cannot find +EV bets. Lastly, this is where you have to use your common sense as well as knowledge of the sport. Value bets means searching for any opportunities that the sportsbooks offer bigger odds than what is expected in any sport or market.

Here, you would have to be patient and be in the right time to make quality bets and win.