Monthly Archives: November 2021

Sport Betting – Potential for Addiction

In 2019, players bet more than € 9 billion on sporting events. Many believe that their expertise can be used to predict outcomes. And you get addicted. Germany has more than 180,000 morbid players. A large number of representative surveys by the Federal Center for Health Education since 2017. The sports betting market is huge […]

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Disney’s Complicated Move – Getting Into Sports Betting

Bob Chapek, CEO of Walt Disney, confirmed a big chance for the company to enter sports betting. Well, as they analyze this move, it looks ironic for the company that establishes its name by offering fairy-tale-themed movies. Linking gambling into its company name might probably take customers far from the brand.   However, Disney’s company is […]

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Choosing Free Casino Spin Bonuses

From incredible technology to bonuses and new payment solutions, there is always something new for casino players. This new way of thinking continues to drive the digital casino industry forward. Today, the market is worth billions, and all industry estimates give a positive outlook.  If you are a new player to an online gaming platform, […]

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