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Assuming that you are just starting with sports betting, then it will be essential to talk with the pros or perhaps do research online. The pieces of information that you are going to gather prior to making any bet will help you a lot to know what to expect.

The Vig

To give you an example, in virtually any sports betting, there will always be the vig that bookmakers lay on the odds. Each bet has vig whether you made over/under, point spreads, moneylines and whatnot.

Say that on the odds board, the vig is like -110 on the bets. What this mean is, any bettor who bet on a team with -8 or +8 will have to bet $110 in order to get $100 profits. Basically, same vig is applicable to over/under.

10% Rule

If you are having a hard time in figuring out how to calculate for the vig, then a general rule to follow here is, sportsbooks are taking 10 percent of wins of every bet. On the other hand, bettors don’t necessarily need to be a genius in math to realize success in sports gambling.

Keep in mind, cashiers will be showing you your odds before finalizing your bets.