It is undeniable that the betting industry grown exponentially now that there are many more countries and state that have legalized its operation. Even so, those that are performing sports betting underground is still able to reach multibillion dollar worth with rough figures of 150 billion dollars.

Now, after the decision made by the Supreme Court, states are more inclined in considering to pass legislation or laws that will legalize sports betting. Therefore, this permits more people to keep betting under fairer and regulated environment. Aside from that, it is going to stop them from transacting with questionable bookies.

It’s Creating a Good Economy

As a matter of fact, the economy benefits from sports betting. Legalized sports betting is going to create massive state tax profits.

Above everything else, it has the capability of creating around 125000 to 150000 jobs for Americans. According to research, it is forecasted that regulated and legalized sports betting can pull in six billion dollars in profits per year for individual states by the year 2023.

Pushing Boundaries

In addition to that, it can bring big money into the US and keep it in the country. At the moment, majority of betting activities take place over the web. It’s likely that regulating sports betting in the US would trigger tech companies and American telecommunications to get a hold of international market.