Circuit of Wales – Community Engagement

A lot has happened since Circuit of Wales last visited the many towns and communities of Blaenau Gwent, which is why we are excited to embark upon another series of community consultations in the region. 

New venues and dates will be announced soon.


Previous events

Wednesday 8 May – Llanhilleth

Tuesday 7 May – Brynmawr

Thursday 2 May – Abertillery

Wednesday 1 May – Ebbw Vale

Tuesday 30 April – Blaina

Monday 29 April – Tredegar

Tuesday 4 December – Garnlydan

Friday 30 November – Beaufort

Thursday 29 November – Nantybwch

Tuesday 27 November – Rassau

Monday 26 November – Trefil

Thursday 27 September – Llangynidr

Circuit of Wales says goodbye (for now) in Llangynidr

Llangynidr Village Hall saw one of the Circuit of Wales’ highest turnouts in this extended phase of the first consultation period. Sitting outside of the planning authority, and just over the valley from Rassau, the visitors had some very insightful questions (including enquiries about traffic management on event days). It was the final exhibition of this first series of consultations, and the team look forward to getting on the road again to spread the word about Circuit of Wales.

Friday 7 September – ASDA Brynmawr

ASDA shoppers in Brynmawr show their support

An impressive number of people chose to stop and chat when the Circuit of Wales team visited ASDA in Brynmawr with over 150 people keen to engage on the proposal (and look at our 600cc training bike that was on display). Feedback was very positive with people particularly keen to learn about potential job opportunities.

Friday 7 September – Trefil

Circuit of Wales reaches the peaks of Trefil

The Circuit of Wales team held its penultimate exhibition in the village of Trefil (or, more specifically, Trefil Rugby Club). Despite its relatively isolated location, we are happy to report that 33 visitors made the effort to come along and hear about the project, offering their thoughts and, as was mostly the case, their support. Noise was raised as an issue among some, although of the 13 feedback forms that were returned, 10 were positive.

Tuesday 4 September – Tesco Ebbw Vale

Every little helps in Tesco Ebbw Vale

The Circuit of Wales team visited Tesco in Ebbw Vale to hand out our information leaflets and ensure word about the project continues to spread. The team spoke to over a hundred shoppers (among them, many residents of Rassau), all of whom spoke positively about the Circuit of Wales. Enthusiasm for the project was palpable, and the visit to Tesco Ebbw Vale proved to be a very successful one.

Friday 31 August – Beaufort

Great response from Beaufort

The impressive turnout at Beaufort Theatre ensured the Circuit of Wales ended its first series of community consultations on a high note. Over 70 visitors attended the exhibition, and support was unanimous for the project.


Here’s what the people of Beaufort had to say about the Circuit of Wales:

“It’s a brilliant idea, much-needed for the area. We need new jobs and entertainment”

“Fabulous idea. Somewhere for the kids to go… Very impressive”

“This development would bring South Wales to the attention of the world”

“This project could give back a sense of purpose to much of the community which has only experienced decline and disappointment in recent years”

Thursday 30 August – Blaina

Blaina excited about Circuit of Wales

Salem Chapel on Blaina High Street opened its doors for Circuit of Wales visitors on Thursday - in what was the penultimate exhibition in this first series of community consultations.


Over 30 people turned out at the exhibition, which allowed the Circuit of Wales team to provide them with further updates on the project’s status as the application deadline for planning draws nearer.


Here are some comments from Blaina:

“A positive development in a community needing positive input”

“It will put Wales on the map, attracting international motor sport and creating desperately needed jobs in the Valleys”

“Great coup for the area and Wales”

“This will be a fabulous project for the area, providing a vast array of economic development opportunities for Blaenau Gwent”

Wednesday 29 August – Tredegar

Enthusiasm from Tredegar

Gwent Shopping Centre in Tredegar saw the Circuit of Wales exhibition receive its second highest number of visitors of the past two weeks.


With over 50 members of the public coming into the shop to learn more about the Circuit of Wales, the team was happy to answer any questions they had. These ranged from how schoolchildren would be involved in the project, down to more technical aspects of the circuit.


Some attendees did raise concern around noise and the exact location of the development, which the project team discussed with them and will be following up in the coming weeks and months with more information.


Visitors also let their thoughts on the Circuit of Wales be known by filling out our feedback forms, some views from which can be seen below:

“Excellent! Make it happen! We need this badly”

“Great that Blaenau Gwent was chosen as the site for this project – we’d be foolish not to grasp it”

“Great for the development of the kids. Will give them a fantastic future”

“Fantastic project that will hopefully breathe life back into the Valleys. Anything that has the potential to bring jobs, interest and pride back to South Wales can only be a good thing”

Tuesday 28 August – Brynmawr

Brynmawr voices its support

The number of people who attended the Circuit of Wales Community Engagement at Brynmawr Community Centre on Tuesday spoke volumes about the continued public interest in the project.


Interestingly, on more than one occasion it was suggested by members of the public that the Circuit of Wales is a project that the youngsters of Blaenau Gwent can grow with; something for them to look forward to when they leave school or college.


Here are some other insights from the exhibitions:

“I am overwhelmed by the insight and outlook of what is a very inspirational project”

“The project is something that would bring the Borough into the 21st century and give hope to our young people”

“An excellent idea. It will breathe life into the Gwent area”

“Brilliant – it would be the best thing to happen to Blaenau Gwent in a long time”

Friday 24 August – Ebbw Vale

Circuit avails in Ebbw

The fifth Circuit of Wales Community Engagement took place within the newly-restored Ebbw Vale Institute on Friday.


With over 40 visitors, many of whom were particularly excited about having a motor sports circuit on their front door, support for the Circuit of Wales was resounding. A common theme among some members of the public was that they would save time and money not having to make the hours-long journey to the nearest top-class circuits.


Here is some feedback from the people of Ebbw Vale:

“Fantastic idea. About time Blaenau Gwent had something top-end, infrastructure-wise, to place it on the map”

“A first-class idea. I hope the powers that be will support it and aid its development”

“One of the most important and beneficial projects that has been undertaken in this part of Wales in the past 30 years”

“Welcome project for a deprived area”

Thursday 23 August – Six Bells

Six bells ring in support of Circuit of Wales

Ty Ebbw Fach in Six Bells was the venue for the fourth round of Circuit of Wales community consultations. Almost 40 people attended the exhibition, with visitors aged 12 to 70 taking the opportunity to have their photograph taken on some of our display motorbikes.


Six Bells’ support for the Circuit of Wales is undeniable, and those who came to Ty Ebbw Fach (located a stone’s throw from the famous ‘Guardian of the Valleys’ monument) offered comments such as:

“Brilliant. Just what the area needs – win win all round”

“Exciting. It could really make a difference to local people and provide a cultural change, offering jobs, prospects and a rejuvenated Blaenau Gwent”

“Can only be positive! We should be proud to have it! Spread the word”

“No objections whatsoever. Nice to see it come to the area"

Wednesday 22 August – Abertillery

Metro-pole position in Abertillery

The Metropole venue in Abertillery saw another successful Community Engagement on behalf of the Circuit of Wales.


A steady stream of attendees ensured that feedback on the project was plentiful and greatly appreciated. Our team was able to capture attendees’ thoughts and hopes for the Circuit of Wales in a visual manner (examples of which will be on the website shortly).


Here is a sample of some of the comments from Abertillery:

“I think it’s the best project I have seen coming to this area for a long time”

“First class, what a wonderful opportunity for our area”

“In one word: ‘GREAT’”

“Go for it. We need something here to ensure a future for our people”

“I think the capacity for education and learning is fabulous, as well as the use of green energy”

Tuesday 21 August – Garnlydan

Positive thoughts from Garnlydan

Community Engagements regarding the Circuit of Wales project continued on Tuesday – this time in Garnlydan.


Attendance was slightly more muted last night in Garnlydan, however those members of the public who did come to find out more information regarding the proposed plans left feeling enthused about the Circuit of Wales.


Here are some of the comments left by visitors:

“I believe this project could save Ebbw Vale and its surroundings with the boost of jobs and tourism coming into the area it can only be a positive turn”

“I think it’s a great opportunity for the local people to gain employment, as well as regenerating the area”

“It could bring Ebbw Vale back from extinction, making it a better place to live and enjoy motor sports”

“It will be a good thing to happen to Ebbw Vale by encouraging employment and tourism. Bring Ebbw Vale ‘back on the map’”

Monday 20 August – Rassau

Circuit of Wales: On the Road

The Circuit of Wales Community Engagements kicked off in earnest on Monday afternoon, as Rassau Community Centre played host to an exhibition on the project.


Over 60 members of the public turned up at the centre where members of the team were on hand to answer any questions they might have regarding the Circuit of Wales.


Among the many positive comments from the public were the following:

“I believe this project can rejuvenate this area and is a positive step for Wales”

“Amazing idea. Let’s get Wales on the map!”

“It can only be good for Blaenau Gwent”

“I think it would be a fantastic addition to the area, creating jobs in a deprived area, improving the community and social development”

All feedback will be reviewed and considered prior to the submission of the final
planning application.